Tips to help you use our site

Hi All.

We thought it wise to have a page where you can look up tips on using the site, so here goes;

Mentioning someone

When writing anything, a new comment, a new post, a reply to someone else’s comment, you can make sure they get a notification that you’ve mentioned them by using the following @[username]

So for example if you were writing a sentence about me, it might look like this.

‘i remember the amazing photo booth at the reunion supplied by @floss007

this would alert me that you’d mentioned me in a post.

Uploading a photo/document

You can now upload photos to comments, replies, or new topics.

This is done by clicking the button below the comment window. you can see it here. It say’s ‘choose files’

media upload


try to compress your photos, very large stuff wont upload, we have to be careful on this.

Photo tagging

You also have the ability to tag people in photos. this is pretty simple to do. they have to be a user on this site in order for you to tag them.

They should get  a notification that they’ve been tagged.

this is done by clicking on a picture after uploading, and tagging thepeople in it. the option is along the bottom of the photo .

You can only tag people, on your own shots at the moment


When uploading images they will be compressed by our system. otherwise we may get clogged up with large files. so this make slow down the upload, don’t worry just be patient 😉

However this means that you should never look at our site as a backup of your images, Always back up your photos elsewhere. We recommend ( BUT TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ) Smugmug. This gives you unlimited on-line backup of all your images, both for this site and for personal imagery. i really do urge you to back up somewhere and at about $40 a year or less its a cheap secure option. please also let family  know and maybe use your smugmug account for their photos, and therefore you can all chip in on the annual cost. SMUGMUG



 Finding a little more about other members, and adding them as friends.

You can look at the profiles of other members by clicking any pictures of them anywhere on the site.  Hovering your mouse over their picture for 2 seconds also loads a small dropdown menu with some information about them.

You can add them as a friend from there, which allows you to get updates on what they’ve posted.