About Us

HMS MAURITIUS (shore base) is  well remembered by all who served there and most people who went there felt  it was one of the best, if not the best, draft they ever had.

In 2007 Charlie Chase started a website in the hope of reuniting 25 or so people who had served on the island, little did he know just how many would get involved and the knock-on effect that this would have.

Following the launch of his website, the first reunion took place in Chester in 2008, organised by Charlie himself with more than a little help from Ann McGrath. This attracted 55 people from all over the UK and was the start of a now well-established tradition,of meeting up every October – currently in Portsmouth – to find old friends and colleagues, meet new ones, swing the lamps just a little and enjoy an evening of good food, good company and cheap drinks!

With the retirement of myfamily.com, in September 2014 it was decided to build a new site to continue what Charlie had started and the administrators hope that although they were unable to save any of the content of the original site, that Mauritius Veterans will support and contribute to this site in the same spirit in which they supported Charlie’s.  A big thank you is extended to Samuel Waters our photographer for the many hours of work that he has put into its development.

Hopefully, you will be able to navigate and use it with ease, so please do visit the various sections available, start your own topics and add your photographs. All that we ask is that you keep the content relevant to the aims of the site which are to REUNITE old friends, REKINDLE memories and EXTEND the family of Mauritius Veterans that we already have.

For those new to the site, a short history of the Royal Navy in Mauritius is available to read – see if you can find it!!

If you have any problems and/or suggestions, please go to the ‘Contact Us’ section and send us a message. Thank you Samuel & Tina