• July 3, 2017 at 19:51

    Hi, My wife Lynda and l just returned from a holiday on Mauritius. The last time we were there was from 1968-70. l was working as a LREM at Bigara. Living in floreal,the  Casa Maria in Curepipe and near the comcen.

    Mauritius has changed in some ways and not in others. It is far more commercialised. Port Louis and Curepipe have grown out of all proportion and the airport is impressive. The island is covered with 5 star hotels and shopping malls. The people and the beaches however,  are as wonderful as ever. Le Morne, Flic en Flac, Mon Choisy and Chalan retain their beauty and charm. Unfortuneatly, the naval beach club is an abandoned shell, but still filled with fond memories. Christmas lunch out side, just wearing swimming gear. Lying on the sand, after a night shift, trying to get some shut eye. It was for us, our first port of call when we arrived on the island. HMS has also almost disappeared. The hospital remains for now, but is soon to be replaced. The old married quarters are housing for the SMF police families. Bigara still stands, but it is now unmanned. The local radio stations use it via a link. Radio Mauritius and my favourite. Radio Bigara.

    We have taken some photos. and as soon as l can work out how to do it. l will post them on the forum.

    Cheers for. Gerry Young